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This week I share two circumstances of mine. Ankle sprains and osteoartritis genu.

Story from my clinic

Mrs. Dianiati a girl pulmonologyst from a well-known hospital in Jakarta Indonesia, slipped her ankle whereas went round an enormous mall in south Jakarta. Mrs. Dianiati didn’t realized that her left was not already contact the ground, she felt along with her left ankle twist to the center. It’s a traditional story about ankle sprain. The proprietor of the groceries don’t perceive how necessary to make totally different shade between totally different excessive of the ground Vertical Cross Line Laser with Magnetic Bracket B01G3MHLAU.

It was so painful, she couldn’t rise instantly. For jiffy she seated on the ground, her decrease extremity, under the knee, started edema abruptly.

Roentgen took the day after (Tuesday), bony intact, so the diagnose was ankle sprain. I requested her to go to my clinic, laser administered, diode laser 90 mW; 12 J/cm2, with probe mode, completely 10 factors.

I met her on Wednesday at Cipto Mangunkusumo, edema was gone, simply swollen round her ankle. Mobility independently, used sandals, one crutch as cane, however the ache nonetheless annoying. Saturday afternoon (third March 2007), I gave her diode once more however this time for her ache.

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